The Saint John Medical Society is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) active medical societies in Canada today: it celebrated it's 150th year in 2011. The Society members were influential in the development of medicine in early New Brunswick History. Saint John was the seat of medical debate within the region and served to improve the health of the community.

The Society in many respects is an 'advocacy organization,' yearning to improve the health of the population of Saint John and beyond. However it also is a social organization, linking members together in camaraderie and professional spirit.

The Society celebrated its 150th year in 2011 and as part of the celebrations received the gavel shown above and the commemorative bowl from the New Brunswick Medical Society for its contribution to medicine in New Brunswick.

Commemorative bowl presented to the Society in November 2011. Inscription reads: "The New Brunswick Medical Society congratulates the Saint John Medical Society on its 150th Anniversary."

To learn more about the society's history, click here.

Executive for 2016-2017:

Position Members
President Dr. Doug Hall
Vice-President Dr. Amanda Caissie
Secretary Dr. Tarek Rahmeh
Treasurer Dr. Gavin Langille
Past-President Dr. Hari Ondiveeran
Members at Large Dr. Donna MacNeil
Dr. Jay Mekwan
MSO President Dr. Patricia Forgeron
NBMS Board Representatives Dr. Brian Craig
Dr. Mike Howlett
Student Representative Tara Jennings

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